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Sandra Jadallah gave Dr A L Craze and Partners a rating of 5 stars

Visited in August 2016.

Posted on 18 August 2016

Wonderful Team

I have been registered with Manor Surgery for the past 30 years and in that time cannot complain . Have always received excellent care and respect from all the staff including doctors, nurses and reception team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in my treatment in the last few months .Thank you for your patients and care .

Sandra gave Dr A L Craze and Partners a rating of 5 stars

Visited in August 2016.

Posted on 24 September 2016

Sandra, 99.9% marvelous

I would firstly like to extend my sincere thank you to everyone that has helped me throughout my time of being looked after, I have only been here for some 4 years approx. Sometimes things get the better of me and I receive lots of patience and understanding. I would add that sometimes I have to wait for an appointment, but I really don't mind. If I needed urgent or even intermediate help it's always been there. I need to stress that with my condition, I have been on insulin for 51 years now and all the other things I have, that I feel relieved of the stress I used to feel before I came to Manor Surgery. The only reason I haven't left a feedback before was that I didn't know how to do this bit on the computer, obviously I have learnt a bit more than I knew before! Thank you one and all I really appreciate it.

Paul gave Dr A L Craze and Partners a rating of 5 stars

Visited in July 2016.

Posted on 01 August 2016

GPs and Nursing support Staff @ Manor Surgery

The GPs currently at Manor (as @ August 1st 2016) are very kind and helpful which is evident by their acceptance of new patients. I've been a long standing patient with Manor and previously at the Green Lane Practice. I've been very pleased with past treatment from (now retired) GPs and with continued kindness from new GPs and I see no reason to doubt that good treatment will continue. It is very important to mention an often overlooked area of this good treatment in the form of excellent Nursing support Staff available to patients of all types. Their existence takes away from GPs, what would otherwise be an impossible work load and It never ceases to surprise me how much the nursing staff at Manor Surgery will go out of their way to accommodate and assist patients where possible. Good nursing staff can make the difference to any GP practice and Manor Surgery appear to have employed some of the best. As someone who requires their services from time to time, I hope they remain!